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A Quick Guide How to Gain Weight With Diet

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Wanna Know How To Gain Weight? Follow Tips Coming From The Experts 

Whilst the majority of the population in the world is suffering from the overweight issue, striving hard to lose weight, doing everything to get slim and get a good looking figure, there is a good number of people present who are suffering from the underweight issue, trying everything to gain weight. It is easy to find, articles, posts and information online and offline on the subject, ‘how to lose weight’, because the people who want to do this are higher in number. But, this is not the case with the subject, ‘how to gain weight’. Understanding the concern of people suffering from the underweight problem, we are providing the guide on gaining weight, to help you in solving your health concern, we are sharing how to gain weight tips with you, the tips will assist you in gaining the ideal body weight, without giving you any stress.

Understand The Problem Why You Are Not Gaining Weight

If you are not gaining extra kgs in your body weight, that does not mean you are eating less, and you should start eating more. According to research, people who desire to gain weight, eat more than their required calorie intake already, still they are unable to gain weight. So, this is a myth that by eating more you will gain weight. The best thing is, stop experimenting, and start hovering for solutions. Coming to the second point, there are four reasons why a person does not gain weight

Hypothyroidism – Hypothyroidism is one of the most common health issues people are facing these days. According to research, the prevalence of hypothyroidism in the global population is one in 10 adults, that is 10.95. In hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland in the body starts producing more thyroxin, which affects metabolism. Secretion of more thyroxin speed up the metabolism, that means the body starts burning more calories. So, you don’t gain weight even after eating more. We advise you to contact the doctor if you think, any such symptom is prevailing. However, hypothyroidism is a medical stage and you will come to know about the same, soon after the occurrence of this health problem.

Gastrointestinal Issues – If you are not suffering from hypothyroidism, then the next possible cause you are not gaining weight could be, a problem in the intestine. It means whatever you are eating, your body is not absorbing nutrition from the food. The common types of disease related to the intestine are ulcer, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease. Celiac disease is more common in the case of people who are suffering from weight gain issue.

Lifestyle Issue – Lifestyle also plays a big role in weight gain and weight loss problem. A bad lifestyle could be responsible for both weight gain and weight loss. Some of the common lifestyle problems are, not taking enough sleep, skipping meals, lack of fats and carbohydrates in the diet. People also commit a mistake that they exercise to get fit but don’t take the required diet, which damages the internal linings of the intestine where food gets absorbed. Eating spicy food, outside food also affects the digestive system of the body, and hamper absorption of nutrition from the food.

Diabetes – Diabetes is also a cause of weight loss, and not gaining weight issue. However, if you are suffering from diabetes and this is the reason why you not able to gain weight, then you should consult your doctor and should stop experimenting. Also, we will not discuss the issue in this article.

These are key reasons that lead to losing weight or inability to gain weight. After understanding the reason for weight loss and not able to gain weight, we should focus on finding out the solution.

How To Gain Weight With Diet 

Diet plays a significant role in curing any kind of health issue. If you can lose weight by managing your calories, you can start gaining weight taking the right nutrition. Let check body mechanism for losing and gaining weight.

Check Your BMI At The First

Being underweight means your BMI is 18.5 or less. So, if you want to check, you are underweight, calculate your body mass index. Click on the link to check your BMI. BMI Calculator

BMI is the indicator of your body fat based on your height. From BMI, you get to know if your weight is according to your height, but it does not say if you are healthy or not, and what is your metabolic rate. So, after checking your BMI, check your BMR that stands for basal metabolic rate, this is important. You can take the help of a machine to calculate your current BMR as it is not possible to calculate it with a formula.

Your BMR result depicts your current metabolic rate (Amount of calories your body is burning at the rest mode). On the basis of the result, you should start taking the treatment. E.g., if your BMR is high, it means your body burns all the calories you intake from your diet and vice versa. If this is the case, try to increase your diet, fill it with more carbohydrate and fats. If your BMR is low, and still you are not able to gain weight, means, you are not taking the required amount of calories that your body need, or there may be a case that your body is suffering from gastrointestinal function issue. In the second case, you should work on your diet or consult a dietician for help.

How To Gain Weight Tips Just For You

 Change Your Lifestyle – Lifestyle change brings a lot of change in health. If your lifestyle would be good, you will have fewer health issues. The lifestyle change include leaving your bed early in the morning, go for a walk or practise yoga (it gives more health benefits), take five meals in a day (Preferably homemade food, having a large number of fruits and veggies), take eight hours of sleep in the night, follow the biological clock (this ascertains recovery if there are any internal issues.)

Stop Bad Habits – Human intestine is the place where food breaks down and get absorbed by the body. Macronutrients like fats, carbohydrates, protein get absorbed in a different part of the intestine and stomach, which micronutrients get absorbed by villi (It is a small hair-like structure present at the inner lining of the intestine. This helps in the absorption of nutrients from food). When the villi get damaged, a person tends to lost weight or faces weight gain related issue or gain weight and face problem in losing weight. Food and drinks like over spicy food, alcohol, soda, have a role to play in damage of villi. If you consume all these, stop it to get faster results.

Change Your Diet – Exercise plays an important role in keeping the body fit, but its contribution is only 20 per cent, diet play 80 per cent role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Therefore, you should work on your diet to get better results. Eat five meals in a day, breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening snacks and dinner. You can take the help of a dietician and get a diet chart according to your weight or you can take our diet recommendation as well. Taking a diet chart is important because when it comes to gaining weight, you must gain good weight that helps in strengthening your body. It should not be like accumulating fat around the belly and other parts of the body. Some tips to gain healthy weight by diet are,

  • Add an adequate amount of macronutrient in food fat, carbohydrate, protein, dietary fibre, water and micronutrients that help in optimum absorption of macronutrients in the body.
  • Don’t be in a myth that protein will help you in gaining weight, protein is important for building muscles, but carbohydrate and fat also have a huge role to play in gaining healthy weight.
  • Sometime overconsumption of medicines also damages the villi or the complete digestive system. If you are already on medication, consult your doctors to make changes in the diet.
  • Do not use any supplement for gaining weight without a prescription.

So, this is all about how to gain weight. If you are not able to gain weight even after all the tries, then work on the mentioned tips to get results. You can also check our diet chart segment and change your diet accordingly to get faster results. Maintaining a healthy weight of the body, according to height is important. This boost vitality, immunity, keeps us energetic and disease-free.

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