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How to Get Water Out of Your Ears: 15 Easy Ways To Remove Trapped Water From Ear

by Fitness Mantras
How to Get Water Out of Your Ears

Usually, water comes out of the ear naturally but sometimes not, and there come hacks that help How to Get Water Out of Your Ears painlessly. You don’t need the expertise to try these hacks and it works like a miracle.

Water stuck in the ear canal is nothing unusual. It happens with many and many times, however, trapped water in ear turns painful, when it doesn’t come out naturally. Soon, the pain starts covering the extended area, gradually pain becomes more intense, if not treated on time, it could lead to infection.

How to Get Water Out of Your Ears: 15 Easy Ways

The common reason for trapping of water in the ear is swimming or taking a bath in a pool or pool-like place. Although, our ear and nose automatically seal their linings once they get exposed to water, however, sometimes it doesn’t happen, because of which water gets into the ear. This you can avoid, by covering your ear hole and nose by your fingers,  by using a mask that covers complete head including the ear. Nevertheless, in case of water enters into your air, shake your head to remove it.

Jiggling Method

Use jiggling method to remove water,  tilt your head down toward shoulder, jiggle your ear using one of your fingers.

Use Gravity To Remove water

Apply your common sense to remove water. Lie down on your side, let rest your ear on towel or hanky,  and allow water to come out naturally. Water will drain out because of gravity. Repeat the same thing with the second ear. Use a dry cloth to check if the water has come or not. Its surface will get wet if this would have happened.

Hack Three

Water evaporates naturally under the sun. The third hack is, stand under sunlight for some time after coming out of the water. If you feel some water has trapped inside your year, stand in open for some time. However, this method is effective only when it’s complete sunny outside. Additionally, you will get the relief only when a small amount of water gets trapped and you are not suffering from any infection in the ear.

Vacuum Method

Another way to bring water out of the ear is the vacuum method.  Rub your hand hard to heat your palm, then fold your palm to create a cup-like a shape.  Tilt your head toward the shoulder and let your ear rest on the palm (Cup-shaped). Press it tight to create a vacuum. Once it’s done, remove your hand, pushing it back forcefully. Repeat this action for a minute and do it quickly to remove the water.

While trying this method, you need to flatten your palm when it lies down on the ear, and cup it while you are pulling it away. Also, the head should remain bent during this time.

Hack Five

You can take the help of a hairdryer to evaporate water from the ear.  The steps for the same are, first turn on the dryer and adjust the setting to a minimum. Now, place dyer at the 180 degrees from your ear, that is, straight to ear but at a distance. Check if the heat is not hurting you, else increase the distance or cover the ear with a fabric. Move the dryer back-and-forth. The idea is you should feel the heat of air inside your earlobe.

Blow dryer or hairdryer is the only tool you can use to try this hack, no other equipment.

Hack Six

Use of alcohol and vinegar is another method to remove water from the ear. Alcohol and vinegar treatment will not only help in removing water from the year but will also eliminate bacterial infection if there is any because of trapped water. The trapped water also happens because of the buildup of earwax which later leads to bacterial infection.  Alcohol helps in fixing all these issues.

How to get water out of your ears using alcohol and vinegar mix

  • Take an equal amount of vinegar and alcohol in a dropper
  • Drop the liquid in a small sterilized bottle.
  • Mix both the liquid well
  • Take a dropper and put two or three drops of this mix in-ear
  • Rub the ear gently
  • Bend your head toward your shoulder and hold the position for one minute.

Hack Seven

This is an effective hack, and it always works in my case. Bent your head on the side, let your ear rest on your palm (flattened), and jump. Repeat the same with the second year.

Hack Eight

The ear drop made of hydrogen peroxide solution and urea is effective in cleaning the clogged ear. You can find this ear drop online, you can also prepare it at home. It removes earwax and other debris from the ear without causing any pain.

Hack Nine

Mustard oil is commonly used in homes to remove clogged water from the ear. It is a popular home remedy in India.

Heat small amount of mustard oil, fill the oil in a sterilized dropper, drop two or three drops of oil in each ear. Go one after one. After putting the oil in ear tilt the head toward the shoulder and wait for the water to drain out. Once done, repeat the same with the second ear.

Note: Make sure, oil is not too hot, it should be bearable.

Hack Ten

You can do the same thing with olive oil as well if mustard oil is not available. We prefer mustard oil because it has therapeutic properties.

Hack Eleven

Take over the counter ear drops that help in eliminating water from the ear. The OTC ear drops mostly contain alcohol that helps in water evaporation and also kills harmful bacterias.

Hack Twelve

Make a small ball of cotton, keep it pointed at one end. Insert this ball in outer ear lobes. Insert the pointed side. Tilt the head toward shoulder and allow cotton to absorb moisture.

Hack Thirteen

Yawing and chewing sometimes help in removing water by encouraging movement in the area.

Hack Fourteen

Remove water with steam helps.

Yes, it is an effective way. Take a large bowl of hot water, bring your face over the bowl, cover the face and bowl with a large towel. Inhale steam for 5-10 minutes. Once done, tilt your head to drain out water.

Hack Fifteen

Take a clean piece of cloth and make a small ball, keeping it one end pointed. The same thing we did with a cotton ball. Insert the cloth inside your ear and tilt your head. The cloth will absorb water, leaving your ear dry.

Who Should Not Try These Hacks

These hacks are no doubt effective and natural way of removing trapped water from the ear, however, it is not for those who are suffering from any kind of ear-related problem, such as infection in the outer layer of the ear, perforated eardrums, tympanostomy tubes. These people should see a doctor and take professional treatment for the same.

Precautions To Be Taken

Be careful while treating the issue with heat. Overheating could lead to injury in-ear. Also, be careful while inserting any foreign object in the ear, it might also lead to injuries.

When You Can Contact A Doctor

The above-mentioned hacks are effective in removing trapped water and these are tried and tested method. Nevertheless, people get results depending on the condition of their ear. If your condition worsens even after trying these methods, there are signs of inflammation, then consult the doctor.

You can take expert advice if you are suffering from any ear-related issues. The summer is coming, and it is the time to spend time in the water. Children and even elders love to spend time in the pool, get soaked in water for a long time. Insertion of water in the ear is common in this time. If anything such thing happens with you, then follow the helpful hacks.

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