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Positive Effects Of Lockdown – Time For Nature To Heal And Human To Revive

by Fitness Mantras
Positive Effects Of Lockdown

Whilst the best brains in the World are allied in digging out every piece of information about cruel Coronavirus, COVID 19, from its emergence, existence to die out, nature is busy in something else—– it is building something positive for humanity. Experts in the field say it is the time nature is healing itself. So, is this the positive effects of lockdown? Well, many of us would say, it would be too early to comment on this.

So many things are happening around the world that tells, nature is feeling positive amid the situation of panic and uncertainty spread over the world. Slowly and steadily, it is reviving. And we are saying this with all proof.

The return of dolphins at the Mumbai’s famous beach Marine Drive, the drop-in pollution level of Delhi, China and many other cities around the world, famous for its pollution level, cleaner water in rivers and canals, lesser noise pollution, uninterrupted sleep at night are some instances people have registered. However, there are many positive things in this global lockdown which we should see, feel and interpret for self-correction.

Positive Effects Of Lockdown

It’s the Time To Relax And Rethink – Amidst cut-throat competition at work, social life, and other places, we didn’t realize we are not left with time to think about what and why we are chasing things from morning till late night. What would be its repercussions? In fact, we completely ignored the self-assessment requirement. The lockdown has put a brake on our unstoppable life to overhaul it. This is the time to do self-analysis, living a few days of stressless life, barring all worries.

A Vacation For Those Who Never Go On Vacation – Health experts say, vacation is imperative for good health. It increases productivity, creativity, energy level, health, etc. Many of us go on vacation for the same reason, but only a few of us return inheriting all its benefits. And many of us don’t even get time for a vacation. The lockdown period is the vacation time for all of us. Vacation means vacating the mind and body, not savings. Enjoy vacation, spend time with family, share your mind and relax.

Reduced Emotional Distancing – The lockdown is for imposing social distancing. The positive effect of lockdown is reducing emotional distancing. “I can relate it to myself. From the time my family has been living together in lockdown, we have come much closer. We have started understanding each other better. Everyone is helping each other to finish home chores, and we are spending quality time together, which was missing since I don’t know how long.

Additionally, I am calling my friends and relatives, which I was thinking to do for a long time. After this, I am feeling more contented. I think most of us are doing the same, and if you have not, try this.”

When humans are inside their homes, nature is on vacation, one of the positive effects of lockdown.

Cleaner Environment – Reports say that the earth’s ozone layer is recovering because of the Montreal protocol (The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion.) There is a sharp decline in the greenhouse effect. This is because of the number of vehicles on road has reduced, most shops are not operating, carbon footprint has come down significantly. There is less pollution in air, water and land, giving earth space to breathe and the earth is healing really.

Focus On Fitness –  Other positive effects of lockdown is that it has made people fitness cautious. More time inside, reduced pollution level outside, cleaner air and water have certainly helped in purifying the environment, additionally, it has made people rethink about fitness as well. Those who have never exercised have now started doing some physical activities which are improving health.

Many other positive effects of lockdown, we will witness in coming time. However, when it comes to the world economy, it has been badly hit, people will face its heat in the near future. But, as if now, it is time to relax because thinking about negative things will only give you unwanted stress. Instead, utilize the opportunity to heal your mind and body, just like nature has taken this break as a chance to heal the earth. Maybe after the end of lockdown, we will enter into a better world, where everything will be better than before. Quality of life will improve. So, the suggestion is unleashing your mind, body and soul to optimally utilize this lockdown time, think and plan the next phase.

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